Online private lessons

We adapt to your needs and requirements

  • Courses offered all year around
  • Formato: videoconferencia
  • We adapt to your needs and requirements
  • Option to complete your program  with an access to our online English grammar platform. 
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Opcional - nuestra   plataforma
Las clases
Contenido del aprendizaje
  • Native and certified tutors (TEFL, CELTA, DELTA)
  • We only speak English in class
  • Custom content if required
  • strong class plannification
  • Personal attentation
  • Option: access to our online English grammar platform
  • Prior to your class we analyse your needs and requirements
  • ¿You need to prepare for an exam?
  • ¿You need English for work?
  • ¿You need to improve your English to travel?
  • ¿You need to focus on specific points: prononciation, conversation, writtings skills...
  • ...
  • Designed for: computers, tablets and mobiles
  • hundreds of videos (explanations y practices)
  • hundreds of presentations
  • hundreds of exercises to validate your knowledge: "Quizzes", "gap fill", "multiple choice"...
  • Unlimited access during the course


 The price will depend on your needs and requirements.
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Books/material (if required): depending on your requirements and objectives we might advise you to buy a book or/and other material. 

We do both a written and oral test before registering our students. Once the written test is done, we will contact you for the oral test.

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